In the former Sisters Dining Room a fresco of the last supper has been only recently painted by the mural artist Eleanor Yates. The moment is that of the Consecration when Jesus has the Bread of Life in his hand and is offering it to St. John; Judas has departed, his chair lies upturned on the floor. The other apostles are looking expectantly towards Jesus. Next Jesus will take a cup of wine and pronounce the words of consecration and offer it too the apostles. The models are all local people or visitors that the artist met in Dingle and were pleased to be part of this beautiful solemn scene.

The Artist – Eleanor Yates

Eleanor Yates was born and raised in Colorado. She went to the University of Northern Colorado, where she qualified as a mural artist. Eleanor was commissioned to paint the renovate and repaint the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima by the church in Dingle. She did that later and did it beautifully in 2005. However, before she had it finished, a priest, Fr. Sharpe CSSp, ministering in The Gambia, West Africa, came along looking for a mural painter to decorate the big new church he had just built in The Gambia. Eleanor agreed that she would do the work for him, and since then she hasn’t stopped working far and wide—in Colorado, Philadelphia, Iowa and California. She finished the Nano Nagle  Room in the Díseart in Spring, 2009.
‘Now she is in the process of painting a fresco of the Last Supper in the Cenacolo, the former dining room of the convent.’

last supper fresco by Eleanor Yates
Last Supper Fresco by Eleanor Yates - Work in Progress

Díseart Visitor Centre

The Harry Clarke Windows

The Nano Nagle Room

Last Supper Fresco

Chapel of the Sacred Heart

Díseart Gardens

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