SHU in IRELAND Gets Their Feet Wet..

shu dingleAlong with the four classes we are taking for this semester, an abundance of fieldtrips are included along the way. Some to museums, some to monastic tombs, and some to muddy fields where battles took place.

Amongst the many, this fieldtrip was unlike any of the others we’ve been on yet. Along with our teacher Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, we were in for an educational adventure.

We all boarded the bus, with our wellies (large fisherman boots) pulled up high ready for our adventure to Minard, Castlegregory, and Camp. Our first stop was to a Holy Well in Minard.

As Nuala read her own poetry to us, we each took a drink from the water in the holy well, tied a piece of our own clothing to the holy tree with a wish made, and took the traditional steps around the well three times.

The next stop was to Minard Castle. Standing amongst the walls of this castle gave each of us a weird feeling knowing that thousands of years before this very day this was home to many.

Imagine this… upon our next stop, each of the fourteen of us became five years old again. Our wellies came in handy when we decided to step off the stepping-stones and adventure on down the river… in the river.

Some skipped stones, some sat and thought, while others adventured down the river as it got up to the top of our wellies. Our five-year-old days were cut short and the fieldtrip had to continue.

We upon our last stop found ourselves gazing into the distant views of the countryside. It was beautiful and breathtaking. Views to the horizon included cast shades of green and a sea that lasted forever. A true view of Ireland and all its glory.

With each stop that we made the stories of Cuchulainn in Ireland’s epic the Táin came to life. We saw where the actual battles were fought and where different events happened in the story. It was interesting to see the story play out before our eyes. It was a field trip like no other. It was Irish culture being brought to life.

Kelly Stritmater – April 2005 – Díseart – Dingle