The Convent Gardens &, The Tree Of Life Garden

Díseart Institute of Irish Spirituality and Culture was founded in 1996 in the heart of Corca Dhuibhne - the Dingle Peninsula Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) and strives to promote research, courses and cultural activities in all areas of Irish Spirituality and Celtic Culture including theology, language, literature, art, laws, folklore, values, spirituality, history, music, archaeology and customs.

Garden Concept - The Tree Of Life - The Design

The garden is inspired by the tree of life. The garden will be a meditative journey in which we can root ourselves by being surrounded by a wild, alive place. Wild plants plants allow us to connect with the earth and feel that silent space within ourselves where we have unlimited potential to be powerful. We can contribute to the positive changes in the world by using our thoughts as powerful tools to dream up a new world. It is clear from most of us that the lives we are living are not working and once we atep past the fear of change , we can imagine a gentler reality,which is sustainable and meaningful.


Many of the early cultures in the world (Myan, pre-Celtic etc) had similar stands of belief. One of these beliefs was represented with an iconic image called the tree of life. Our ancestors believed that we existed in three different realms of being at the same time. The tree of life was divided into three realms. The roots of the tree, the trunk of the tree emerging from the earth and the crown of the tree. The concept of time was different to ours and they used the image of the tree and its roots to explain this. The belief was that everything that happened in the past, all of our possible paths in our future and our present reality co-exist and each realm constantly affects the others. We are going through a massive shift of consciousness in the world and these ancient beliefs are once again rising to the surface.

New Garden Designs - By Mary Renolds

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